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Last winter, our small stepfamily left Montréal for six weeks.With Sunny, 7, Leonie, 4, and Adele, 1d, we headed to Sanur, a small town south of the Indonesian island.

"Lucky you!" in a high-pitch tone is generally the words I heard following the announcement of our departure to Bali. After jaw dropping, our interlocutors inevitably had this question: "How can we live such an experience?" Sounds tempting? Is this something you would like to do?

If the desire to go with your little ones tickles you, the answers to your questions are here.

From dream to reality

Leaving with the little angels for a long time is easier said than done.How should we proceed? Do we close hold our nose, close our eyes and jump in?  Well, almost! Good preparation is the key.Allow at least three months to put your plan into action, because it will take time to find the right time in your schedule, to talk to your employer as well as to the school or daycare of your children. Plus, the usual, finding a home to rent and airline tickets to purchase.In addition, you will have to think of everything to create the perfect suitcase. To do so, start a week in advance and do not skip those lists!


The question of school

This was the first immediate issue.Sunny was in First grade, a crucial step in school. So we quickly discussed the idea of our plan with her teacher, Miss Martine kindly accepted the additional workload it meant for her, namely by sending us  weekly tasks and home works performed by her classmates.  Despite the challenge of patience it requires, papa who is normally better with construction plans in hands than a red pencil took on the role of teacher every day. It took discipline! We regularly sent pictures of our trip to Martine, who shared it to the class.


Mom!  Where are we going?

If the budget is one of your concerns and that the phrase "independently wealthy" does not apply to you (which is our case), you must first choose a destination where the cost of living suits your wallet. One thinks immediately of South America or Asia, which is a good reflex. Our choice fell on Bali, because we dreamt of heat, and a slow immersion in Hindu culture. Another detail to weigh in before making a choice of destination: the flight. Travelling to South America will only take a few hours. Embarking for Asia is a different story. Whether you have one or two stops, count roughly 22 hours on the plane. We must not delude ourselves; this represents a major challenge for the young... and old ones!

Avoiding errors

When writing this paper, I wanted to tell you about the mistakes to avoid. I've thought about it for a bit and I have found only one:  Try not to idealize. Because in theory, spending everyday days with your treasures sounds marvelous and ideal: splashing in the sea and laughing. Wow! Happiness! But you must understand that this Hollywood film did not follow us in Bali. What came with us is reality. Simply, the reality of three children who have their ups and downs just like they do at home. To be around the clock, 24/7 with our children, without pause, is a challenge. It takes an extra dose of patience and a truck load of love! Because yes, they complain about the weather, the sea water burns their eyes and they do not like spicyyyyyy food. There will be moments of great joy and others where you will dream of a Balinese version of daycare.


The children loved…

To summarize, Bali is an ideal destination for a family trip. The islanders are friendly and love children. The girls quickly made friends in the neighborhood. In addition , moving around and discovering its wonders is easy, distances are relatively short and the cost of a rental car with driver is affordable ($ 50 for a full day). Family activities are plenty and those that are less are equally nice. Among them, is the traditional dance Barong and Keris Batubulan where Balinese mythological creature performs a dance representing the fight between good and evil. The musicians, installed directly on the stage, fascinated the children. Before leaving, go through the Ubud countryside to admire the rice fields. The girls had googly eyes to discover that rice grew ... in the water! If you are lucky, you will see the workers in action.

3.2.1.. Ready to close your eyes and jump?


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