Meet Mitsou & Abeille

"You should make pajamas, your fabrics are so soft."


This is how this exceptional collaboration with Mitsou and Abeille began. Here is the very first eco-responsible loungewear collection, 100% made in Quebec.It's no longer a secret!

Take a look behind the scenes of this explosive collaboration!


What prompted you to collaborate with Rose Buddha?

"I was already a big client of Rose Buddha. Since the Appalaches pants for him were released in 2020, my boyfriend loved them so much that he now has 6 pairs in his wardrobe. "These eco-friendly pants have even become the favorite corporate or birthday present that Mitsou and her partner love to give. After multiple contacts with Madeleine and Maxime to order more Appalaches pants and other favorite clothes, Mitsou relaunched the idea that there should be a Rose Buddha loungewear collection for women. We were already thinking about it at Rose Buddha! The stars were aligned!


What do you like about the new Mitsou & Abeille x Rose Buddha collection?

Mitsou really liked the co-creation process as she was invited to choose her fabric, her 2 colors as well as the desired style.

The soft, breathable and thermoregulatory fiber (hello little heat!) of tencel was spontaneously chosen as it is also so comfortable. "I prioritized the color black (total eclipse) as I already wear a lot of it. As well as a pink (goddess) like not only does it look pretty, but it gives me a beautiful complexion, without being too candy-colored, but rather neutral.”

Mitsou also wanted to feel good in a sweater with a ¾ sleeve and that "forgives", tied at the hips diagonally. This top benefits all silhouettes and creates the perfect fit! It can even pair well with jeans and booties for a more urban look, or leggings. The 7/8 leg pants, meanwhile, are palazzo type (flared), so pleasant to put on as they allow a certain dance movement. Mitsou preferred to choose a larger size in order to feel really comfortable. It can also be worn outside with a blouse for example.

"I think that most of us are now used to wearing more comfortable clothes and maybe have less tolerance for tight clothes or high heels. We have the right to comfort, but still benefiting a beautiful silhouette and underlined in the right way. With the Rose Buddha cuts, you feel really beautiful!”


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What do you like about Rose Buddha?

From the very beginnings of Rose Buddha, Mitsou has chosen to encourage the brand and its founders for a host of reasons. "I am impressed by the organization of Madeleine, Maxime and their team, their ecological values ​​as well as their great ingenuity. One of the things I remember is getting a bag made of pineapple peel!"

According to her, Rose Buddha has become synonymous with a trusted, quality brand as well as a must-have in Quebec fashion appreciated by all. “As an entrepreneur, I know and understand the challenges of growth, especially when a company like Rose Buddha grows rapidly. Madeleine and Maxime undoubtedly knew how to adapt and stand out. Proof that the company has found its niche: many regular customers return collection after collection."


What do you think should be important when choosing to buy Quebec clothing?

  • Prioritize quality as well as sustainability in all senses of the word (also on an ecological level).
  • Wear breathable clothing that makes you feel your best, to work, to practice yoga or even to sleep.


What eco-friendly fashion tips would you like to share with our readers?

  • Try to buy a product where it is possible to know well the manufacture as well as to trace the origin.
  • Encourage Quebec entrepreneurs.




What prompted you to collaborate with Rose Buddha?

For Abeille, the collaboration with Rose Buddha was so organic. Not only did her wardrobe already include a ton of the brand's clothes, she also admires Madeleine and Maxime, as dynamic entrepreneurs. “I wear a little something from Rose Buddha very regularly, almost every other day, whether it's for yoga or not. So when Madeleine and Maxime suggested that we collaborate together, I was so excited and couldn't refuse."

Abeille also confides that it is one of the rare times that she and Mitsou have had the chance to work together. What a beautiful exchange!


What do you like about the new Mitsou & Abeille x Rose Buddha collection?

Once again, the co-creation process really hooked Abeille as she also had the chance to get involved from the start of the process and choose all the elements of the clothes. "For an artist like me, it's great to collaborate like this! We could even decide where to put the copper label with the image of the rose (inserted at the waistband on the front left side), or even the drawstring at the waist. " The clothes proposed by Mitsou and Abeille are quite different in style, but keep the same feeling and guideline.

Abeille has chosen the versatile colors, but also to make a nod to the fall season, a gray (moon) and a khaki (eucalyptus).

Abeille choose to go with a crop top style sweater (at the waist), but long enough to be super comfortable, in organic waffle cotton, the new trend. Really cute, it can be worn with Rose Buddha leggings as well as jeans. “For the pants, I wanted them to fall a little higher than the ankle, because it looks good with sneakers (sports shoes). I am very comfortable to wear it to go out or have a coffee with a friend, or mixed with a shirt.” With its relaxed fit and flared leg, these pants will be your best ally for a comfortable, yet stylish look.

"I believe that it is now even more essential to put yourself first and to prioritize your comfort and well-being. Treat yourself to something to feel good and beautiful!"


What do you like about Rose Buddha?

Abeille shares with great enthusiasm her pride to be even more part of Rose Buddha now. She admires Madeleine and Maxime, as two accomplished women, two mothers and two owners of an incredible and successful business. And what about the company's environmental values, which prioritize, among other things, the manufacture of their leggings using recycled plastic bottles?

“I have also get rid of a lot of clothes lately. They were still beautiful, but were tighter at my waist or I wasn't wearing them anymore. I even gifted two Rose Buddha leggings to a family member. And even after a few years, the quality was still there.”

"It is a liberating act to embrace your own well-being and to emphasize comfort, despite the long process that it may take. For me it goes a lot with music and dance. So Rose Buddha is the perfect company for my needs!”


What do you think should be important when choosing to buy Quebec clothing?

  • Try to encourage brands that have values at heart and also maintain a certain spirit of community.
  • Prioritize companies with an environmental conscience.


What eco-friendly fashion tips would you like to share with our readers?

  • Before you get impulsive and spend your money on something because it's cheaper, take a moment to think it over. Take this opportunity to ask yourself the right questions. For example: Do the values of the company resonate with me? Do I encourage buying local? Is this product durable? Etc..
  • Go towards quality, versus quantity.



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