The 10 best gifts for Mother's Day

While wishing to be able to celebrate in person with your mom, or even better to be able to hug her, here are our original ideas to spoil your biggest fan!



1-Soothing blanket

This weighted blanket, weighing between 10 and 20 pounds, has the therapeutic virtues of: reducing anxiety and stress, ensuring restful sleep, relaxing the nervous system as well as offering a natural solution for insomnia, autism and ADHD. A good night's rest!

La clinique virtuelle



2-A photo shoot

This is the perfect opportunity to put your mom in the spotlight, as an exceptional human being, in a personalized photoshoot. This experience for two will surely become an unforgettable moment. Here are some suggestions from our favorite portrait photographers:

Priscilla Piccoli

Tzara Maud

Julia Marois

Avril Franco

Andrée-Anne Gauthier



3-A box of hemp products

This gift set - an essential kit to keep both in your own and your mom's pharmacy - provides the hydration you need to start a quiet evening at home, or to go on an adventure. This gift set contains: Hand cream, lip balm, bath and massage body oil as well as a reusable hemp bag (Chanv brand).

Maison d’herbes





4-Poster of 25 yoga postures with flamingos by artist Amélie Legault

Signed by artist Amélie Legault, this flamingo yogi poster will motivate your dear mother to practice with a smile. The names are written in Sanskrit under each of the 25 postures. Size 18 '' x 24 '' (45.7 cm x 60.9 cm), the print is on 200M lightly satin paper.

Amélie Legault




5-Even more Rose Buddha

Creative kit: Why not create, possibly via Zoom if you cannot be together in a bubble, your own Mala bracelet? The set - also available in Mini size - includes everything needed to make this precious piece of jewelry, including Angelite, Aventurine and yellow and flower jade stones.

Balance Set: Composed of organic or wild elements, these 7 rolling bottles of essential oils (10 ml) are handmade by the aromatherapist and founder of Floressentia, in order to balance each of your chakras. In addition, each one comes with its own mantra to repeat and its method of application. Two dollars per Libra set is donated to the Mère au Pouvoir Foundation.

Bralette Set: Offering yoga or running leggings - eco responsible, made from recycled plastic bottle - and a matching pair of summer leg warmers, the perfect accessory to beat the morning chill, cloudy days or simply to have a fabulous look with a little retro touch! Made of TENCEL and organic cotton they will keep you warm with comfort and style.

Read how to choose your best leggings.

Necklace and Bracelet Mala Lumière in white: The Lumière set (white) will help you dissolve sadness, while bringing tenderness and kindness to your life. Handcrafted in Canada by artisans and composed of rose quartz, Labradorite and Tridacne, each of the malas has been created with the intention that the wearer will be guided - in thought, in words and in action. - by light.

Escape Pants: Soft and comfortable, the Evasion pants are YOUR soft pants that offer an ultra-flattering fit. Made of TENCEL, a hyperecoresponsible fiber, which keeps cool and BREATHES.

6-Monthly tea box subscription

Pamper your mom one cup at a time, turning her taste buds into dream catchers to escape through the flavors and smells of the world. Each month. She will receive a surprise tea box including: 4 varieties of teas around a theme (25 cups), delicacies, surprise and a tasting menu.

T Surprise




7-Box containing messages of happiness or quotes

The 30 Message Happiness Box already contains words of love, thanks, gratitude, but also words for your mom to take the time to think about herself. Entirely created and made in Quebec, this gift box also includes a soy candle scented with lavender essential oil. The Pot of Happiness has 365 different quotes one for every day of the year.




8-Gourmet basket

Be original and have a lunch or brunch delivered that will delight all the senses of your dear mother, whether she has a sweet tooth or savory. A delicious blend, a card carrying your thoughts and the pleasure of a delivery to your door.

Mon panier gourmet




9-Cultural or artistic trip

You have surely missed the world of cultural for almost a year. Now is the time to take advantage of the reopening of the museums, follow the guide with your mother.

MMFAMACPointe-à-Callière or Mc Cord.

Or it's finally time to go paint on this famous ceramic, or go back a second time. Bites and coffee are often sold on site. To be checked according to the current rules.

Café céramiqueAlpaga atelierCafé déco céramique.



10-Box of olive oils

An ideal gift for mother chefs of all levels. Comprising a bottle of green olive oil (250 ml), balsamic cream (220 g), a unisex kitchen apron, a coffee and a lemon and rosemary kitchen soap (65 g), this nice excuse will certainly brighten up the daily life of those who receive it.




Accompanied by a beautiful "seed card" to plant:

Savonnerie Mlle Coco or Flowerink



Also consult this article for gift ideas and zero waste brands.



Happy confined celebration!

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