THE 50 best eco-friendly holidays gifts

Now is the time to discover some original gift ideas to spoil your loved ones (or even treat yourself!). To help you in your task of spoiling the ones closest to you, here our 50 ECO-FRIENDLY favorites, to do some good around you, while protecting the planet.


Most of these ideas are great for stocking stuffers!

Happy virtual shopping!


(To learn more about these craftsmen, companies and their ecological values - see the article in French).



1-Slow Down Box - The Absolute by Rose Buddha

To spoil a loved one from a distance. The box include: book «À go, on ralentit: 12 mois pour ralentir et reconnecter à l'essentiel», Flashdance Pullover (green), 5 Aligned Mala Bracelet, The Fire Side Leg Warmer, Second Chance Scrunchies trio).

Price: 345$ (on sale)

Other ideas: Slow Down Box - The Essential & Slow Down Box - Good night

Rose Buddha





2-Hand Sanitizer Duo by Oneka

Protect yourself and your family with this duo of natural hand sanitizers lemon scent (60 and 180 ml).

Price: 26$

Other ideas: Trio of Liquid Hand Soap (Cedar & Sage, Lemon & Lavender) (475 ml) & Trio of Body Lotion (Cedar & Sage, Lemon & Lavender) (475 ml).




3-Magical Powder by Les Trappeuses

Used both as a powder for the dishwasher, a bowl cleaner and to loosen crusts from burnt pans. Packaged in a 1 liter Mason jar, the magic powder is a zero waste alternative. Available in bulk.

Price: 20$

Les Trappeuses / Les Mauvaises herbes

To know more about 10 actions to take for a more eco-responsible life, clic here.


We also like the following brands for their eco-friendly household products: Savonnerie des Diligences, Tanit, Pure, Planette, Attitude, La Maison lavande, The Unscented company et Lemieux.




4-El Matero Mate Tea Set by Mateina

The ideal set to taste a nutritious mate and that helps you to focus: 1 bag of Yerba Mate leaves (menta or citrus or hibiscus & berries) (220 g), 4 flavors of energizing infusion (lemon, passion peach, hibiscus & berries & grapefruit guava) (355 ml), 1 traditional silicone gourd (cup) and 1 stainless steel bombilla (straw). 

Price: 40$

Other ideas: El Cebador Box & El Gaucho Box.





5-Smoothies Delivered to Your Door by Evive

Each gift box contains 12 flavors of mixed smoothies. The smoothies are delivered frozen. Also take advantage of a monthly subscription for yourself or to spoil a loved one. 

Price: 55$




6-Book Duo: Art Latte Guide & The Barista Guide by Café Barista

(Books only available in French) Whether you are a fan of various espresso-based beverages, want to know more about the ideal equipment, or you are passionate about latte art, this book duo is the perfect tool to accompany you in all your caffeinated moments. 

Price: 25$

Other ideas: Tasting boxes (espresso and filter) & Chocolate coated coffee beans (new).

Café Barista



7-Cold Pressed Juice Delivered to your Balcony by Jose Dose

Box of healthy juices, cashew lattes and smoothies (14 in total), delivered (free of charge) to your door, whenever you want. 

Price: 71$ (instead of 84$)

Jus Dose




8-Books to escape at Les

Check out the 2020 Christmas calendar:




9-Subscription to Caribou magazine on Sustainable Quebec Culinary Cuisine

(Magazines only available in French) A subscription to Caribou magazine is the best way to support an independent media and to stay informed in order to consume better on a daily basis. The magazine no.12 on Les Épiceries has just been released!

Price: 14$ to 70$

Other ideas: Packages including magazines, posters and coloring book & Trio of herbal teas to discover boreal flavors in collaboration with 3 local businesses.





10-Cotton Hoodie or Pants Making Course by Atelier Les Affutés

Take the opportunity to make a warm and comfortable cotton hoodie or pants. The fundamentals of sewing, how a sewing machine works, processes such as cutting, assembling, putting on an elastic and making finishes are also covered. 

Price: 70$

Atelier Les Affutés

We especially like the following classes: making your solid shampoo and bath salt; a personalized bicycle bag made from a recycled banner; your own backpack; a cutting board; your bathrobe; discover plumbing without flooding your house; etc ..


La Savonnerie des Diligences also offers raw materials to make your products (beeswax, lip balm making kit and laundry chores).




11-Trigg Earrings by Darlings of Denmark

Stunning long earrings, made of raw brass, with three thin tubes on a chain, creating a triangular shape.

Price: 34$

Other ideas: Taliah necklace (Small version) and Vittu necklace (Mini version).

Darlings of Denmark



12-Phases of the moon gold necklace by Lost & Faune

Short necklace (45 cm), gold-plated chain and charm (2.8 cm by 1.5 cm). 

Price: 30$

Other ideas: Gold raindrop bracelet & Posters / Coloring books.

The learn more about the phases of the moon and how they affect you, clic here.

Lost & Faune



13-Upside-Down Heart Necklace by Cinderella Garbage

Necklace following the concept of the heart turned towards oneself, in introspection. Authenticity, self-esteem and kindness are all attributes that one must afford. 

Price: 85$ to 215$

Other idea: Pearl Collection.

Cinderella Garbage 



14-Ginkgo Sterling Silver Mini Pendant by Femme mécanique design

This elegant pendant (19 mm x 17 mm - 0,5-1 mm) is crafted from shiny or semi-oxidized sterling silver. Gold and silver also offered at various prices. Chains also available between 16 and 24 inches. Most of the collections keep a clean, fine and timeless style. 

Price: 48$

Other ideas: Intertwined Cedar Ring & Mini rustic square studs (on sale at 40% off).

Femme mécanique design



15-Fall Romance Chapitre II jewelry set by Twenty compass

This set includes 2 slim plated stainless steel necklaces: Silhouette and Romance. 

Price: 60$

Other idea: Set of 2 Surfer Girl rings & Compass Luxe Collection in 10 and 14 karat gold.

Twenty Compass



16-Rebelle Jewelry Collection by Milie bijoux

Bearing the names of your favorite rock stars, this collection of black stainless steel jewelry reminds you to never let standards dictate who you should be!

Price: 19$ to 86$

Milie bijoux 



17-Trio of bracelets Harmonies collection by Si Simple

Set of 3 matching bracelets (wire, silver 925, stones or chain) promoting simplicity, beauty, balance and the joy of living. 

Price: 75$

Si simple




18-Coloring Placemat for Kids by Delycastef

This coloring placemat (to be used with washable pencils) is made with recycled jeans. It's perfect for children's meals at school, at a picnic, in the restaurant or just at home. Unique works after each wash!

Price: 22$

Other ideas: Ultra soft facial wipes & Zero waste starter or complete kit.



We also like the coloring book: Les enfants à colorier (inclusive for young and old) by Simon Boulerice, illustrated by Paule Thibault, published at Éditions Fonfon.



19-Endangered Animal Species Puzzle by Fille des bois

Magnificent wooden puzzle handmade in Quebec representing 4 endangered species in Quebec: Rigid pine, griscom arnica, red-headed woodpecker and winter aplectrelle. Theme inspired by the Quebec forest also available. 

Price: 15$

Filles des bois

No web site - Facebook et Instagram: @creationfdb

(Sold at Encore & Co)




20-Biodegradable mobile phone case by Pela case

Did you know there are over 1 billion plastic cases sold each year? The Pela Case - a small step towards a plastic-free world - will gracefully come back to earth when you're done, after simply throwing it in a compost. 

Price: 32$ to 44$

Others ideas: Zero Waste Screen Protector &  Vine ecological watch strap.

Pela Case



21-Fine gueule hemp gift box for dogs by Crocx / Maison d'herbes

The set includes 1 bottle of liquid hemp supplement (236 ml) and 1 bag of hemp treats with peanut and cranberry flavors (225 gr) for your faithful companion. 

Price: 25$

Others ideas: Hemp dog leash (Crocx brand) & Gratitude box containing: moisturizing oil, lip balm and moisturizing hand cream, for those who have to wash their hands frequently and wear a mask for long hours (Chanv brand).

Crocx / (Maison d'herbes)

PROMOTION AT MAISON D'HERBES: 10% discount by entering the code: ROSEBUDDHA10



 22-Biodeagrable Lunch Box by Zoziol - Bento Club

Designed with ecological materials, the lunch box is durable and recyclable and ideal for sandwiches, snacks or fruits and vegetables. Dimensions: L: 190 mm, B: 135 mm, H: 70 mm. 

Price: 36$

Koziol - Bento Club / (Sold at Encore & Co)



23-Macrame cat hammock by Naturellement boho

Lovely macrame cat hammock on a 20 inch wood stud. A beautiful piece perfect to complete a bohemian look at home (70-80 inches in length when hung and can support up to 50 lbs). (Cushion not included). 

Price: 125$

Naturellement boho




24-Parker Men's Shaving Essentials by Senseaura - La Savonnerie de Quebec

The traditional shaving set includes: 1 Parker safety razor (model 64S), 1 synthetic bristle shaving brush, 1 Parker shaving brush holder (wnsy model, 1 Samson shaving soap (4 oz), 1 case for used blades , 1 pack of 5 Parker razor blades and 1 Senseaura waxed concrete razor holder. 

Price: 120$




24-Seaweed Facial Trio by De Baies et de sève

Trio of cleansing treatments with algae (and wild rose and horsetail) in the form of solid soaps for the face, body and hair (110-115 g) to fill you up with softness, scents, sea shores and tundra. 

Price: 25$

Other ideas: Labrador tea face balm & Boreal scent body wash.

De Baies et de sève



26-Zero Waste Festive Gift Set by Atoca

The festive gift set - for a person as sweet as ice cream - contains: 1 mango and cinnamon body soap, the new Atoca bamboo toothbrush, 1 mango cranberry balm, 1 compostable beeswax balm and 1 mint and rosemary toothpaste. 

Price: 45$

Other ideas: Zero waste shampoo and conditioner duo & 100% compostable lip balm.




27-Box of 12 Natural Soaps Légendes by La Savonnerie des diligences

(Copyright: Carolane Lamontagne Photographer)

Economical box (15$ saving) of 12 soaps (100 g) Légendes (you will never feel alone in the shower anymore with these characters: Blancheville, Mama Africa, Soleil de l'Est, Trappeuses, etc ..). 

Price: 70$ (7$-8$ per soap)

Another idea: Capricious face treatment

La Savonnerie des diligences



28-GO2 serum and moisturizer duo by VGAM Biome

The GO2 duo, including the serum and the moisturizer (45 ml each), allows for a unisex and minimalist skincare ritual for all skin types and in all seasons. It gives back to the skin its essential nutrients.

Price: 110$ (on sale)

Other idea: Discovery kit: the 3 products in 15 ml format each for about a month of daily care.

VGAM Biome



 29-Beeswax Non-Greasy Moisturizer Bar by KaMamille

Made from raw organic beeswax, the non-greasy moisturizer bar is also a zero waste product.

Price: 9$

Other ideas: Body milk & Calendula soap without fragrance, suitable for sensitive skin even of young children. All KaMamille products are vegetarian and some are vegan.




30-Toiletries gift box by Tanit

This recycled and recyclable wooden box includes the following essentials: 1 shampoo bar, 1 shampoo net made in Quebec by Les Écolibris, 1 Tanitabs nano-hydroxyapatite toothpaste and 1 bamboo toothbrush with bristles infused with activated charcoal. 

Price: 50$



We also really like the following brands for their eco-friendly body care products: Bkind, Les Trappeuses, Omaiki, Oneka, Senseaura, Atelier Candide, Liliblanc, Deux Cosmétiques, Artémis, À doré des bois, Kimo, Bain & Bulles




31-Woody - Resin Collection of 30 All Natural Incense Sticks by Tout Naturel

This exclusive selection of Boisée mini palettes contains 30 mini incense sticks to offer the discovery of 6 woody or resinous fragrances (Amber, Oliban, Sandalwood, Patchouli, Eucalyptus and Cedar).

Price: 12$

Other ideas: Floral Collection & Incense holder.

Tout Naturel 


Nous aimons aussi la marque suivante pour son diffuseur à roseaux: Soja & Co.



32-Milk bath gift set of 3 by Atelier Candide

In addition to promoting relaxation and letting go, our milk bath will leave your skin soft and hydrated. The milk bath are 100% natural (Eucalyptus + Lime, Lavender + Hibiscus and Sugar & Spices) gently and exfoliate thanks to lactic acid.

Price: 55$

Other ideas: Relaxation set bath salts (2) + a bath oil & Zero-waste gift set which includes 5 beautiful products from different brands offered in the store.

Atelier Candide (house brand: Belle & Candide)


We also really like the following brands for their ecological bubble & effervescent bath and their forest bath tea with sea salts: Liliblanc, Pure, Fabulle, Tonic. Et Les Trappeuses for their bath mud.



33-Chakras Essential Oil Kit Balance by Rose Buddha

All 7 bottles (10 ml) of essential oil are composed of organic or wild elements. These precious oils are handmade by the expert aromatherapist and founder of Floressentia. Each bottle is accompanied by its mantra to repeat.

Price: 159$

Rose Budda

To know yours chakras and how they affect you, clic here.




34-Plants and delicious dishes delivered on 4 wheels by Rolling Pop-up

(Copyright: La Cuisinomane Photographer)

First plant shop on wheels in Canada to allow you to breathe ''green'' and eat well. The experience includes the daily special and a hot drink, as well as entertainment, travel and a 50$ credit to spend on plants (or other products). A real therapy with plants and food! 

Price: 100$

Rolling Pop-up

Instagram & Facebook: @therollingpopup




35-Soak up some sun and adventure while watching great travel movies online by Les Aventuriers voyageurs

(Copyright: Nomade Amoureux - Philippines)

(Travel movies only available in French) Watch a wide selection of travel films - available exclusively for Les Aventuriers voyageurs - from the comfort of your home. You will have access to the selected film for 3 months.

Price: 1-4 films: 8$ each / 5 to 7 films: 7$ each / More than 7 films: 6$ each

Other idea: Gift certificates valid on all products offered on the website: training, DVDs and films on the Internet. 

Les Aventuriers voyageurs




36-Warm Alpaca Wool Mittens by Boutique Art Inca

Stretchy alpaca mittens, made in Quebec, that do not retain moisture.

Price: 60$

Others ideas: Alpaca socks (''from you to you'') & Beanie (as beautiful as it's comfortable).

Boutique Art Inca 



37-Trendy vegan bag by Lambert

Chic and practical vegan leather bag (backpack, briefcase, tote, travel bag, etc.). 

Price: 130$ à 190$




38-Akalu Vegetal Leather Sandals by Maguire

The eco-friendly Akalu sandal, sand, neon or indigo color, is actually made in Ethiopia with vegetable tanned leather. Perfect to wear, even indoors during the holidays.

Price: 60$ (on sale)

Other ideas: Akalu, Sintra, Valencia, Elvas and Rachel models.





39-Discovery Set by Épices du Guerrier

Set including: bacon pepper, La Scorbut sauce and Tomahawk spice blend. 100% natural mixture that will add a wow effect to your recipes. 

Price: 55$

Épices du Guerrier



40-Cooler of Ready-to-Eat Meals Delivered by

Why not enjoy a week of gourmet meals delivered to your employees or colleagues or a holiday meal to share (in person or virtually) with the family? 

Price: 10$ to 44$ (per meal for 2 people)

Other ideas: Gift certificate & Sous-vide gourmet dishes.



41-Weekly Subscription of 3 Gourmet and Festive Salads in a Jar by Bocal

Other idea: Bocal ecological kit (1 bowl of cut cherry, 1 reusable and compostable bamboo fork, 1 compostable bamboo spatula and reusable and compostable chopsticks). 

Price: 33$ to 36$ (for 3 salads)




42-Advent calendar made from artisan chocolates (bean to bar) by État de choc

For a delicious 25-day journey in an unparalleled chocolate world.

Price: 95$

Other ideas: Tout Quebec Box & Monthly Chocolat Subcription Box: Discovery and Gourmet.

État de choc



43-Custom Made Écorce Gift Box by Gourmet sauvage


The set includes: FOREST book, sweet clover essence, forest blend of dried mushrooms, sea buckthorn jam, haskapberry jam, wild wine mustard and marinated milkweed pods.

Price: 120$

Other ideas: Canopy gift set & Conifers gift set.

Gourmet sauvage



44-Homemade Delicacies by Les Minettes

Home made products by Les Minette: Crunchy chocolate, grilled nuts, sweet & salty popcorn, crackers, granola, honey, coulis, jam, coulis, marmalades, etc..

Price: 7$ to 15$

Les Minettes in their beautiful shop, Les Minettes also host a well selected of local products from the Quebecer terroir.


We also like the factory of sweet things Dinette NATIONALE.




45-Red Hydrating Gloss - Limited Edition by Lisa Noto

This limited edition long-lasting lip gloss is a beautiful vibrant red, creamy, hydrating, non-sticky, with a shiny finish. Its amazing scent of cocoa butter makes you want to have fun. It stays on the lips for a very long time. Ingredients: Castor, coconut and jojoba oils, cocoa and shea butters, carnauba wax and vitamin E. 

Price: 29$

Other idea: Kit ''Natural beauty routine in 6 steps''. 

Lisa Noto



46-Solid Cleansing and Makeup Remover  Bar by Les Bio-simple de Julie


Cleansing bar enriched with hemp and kokum butter (50 gr) to cleanse your face without attacking it on a daily basis. Contains beeswax, but free of colorants, perfumes, parabens or petroleum derivatives. 

Price: 12$

Les Bio-simple de Julie


We also like the following brands for their eco-friendly cosmetics: Bkind, Les Trappeuses, Atoca, Savonnerie des diligences, Chanv, Nat & Co, Miel de la garde, Abelha et Aristée. 



47-Fine lingerie 2 peaces kit by Blush

A set, or two, designed by women, for women. Lingerie should help women celebrate their body, sexuality and identity and should be an expression of self-love, rather than a tool of seduction. 

Price: 24$ to 58$





48-100% vegetable ceramic candle by Atelier Pigeon

Ceramic candles have been designed to give containers a second life. The wooden lid allows you to close everything well to add spices for example. It can be used as a plant pot or pencil. Refills offered and ceramic returns accepted for a 5$ credit on a future purchase.

Price: 32$

Other ideas: Aurora borealis white ceramic candle (fir essential oil) & Candle in an amber glass container (forest lichen fragrance). 

Atelier pigeon



49-Holiday candle trio gift set by Dot & Lil

The ultimate gift for the hostess or personal care. Pretty patterned box hiding 3 soy candles (3 x 3.5 oz = 25 hours) (sugar and spice, fresh fir and rice flower). 

Price: 32$

Dot & Lil


We also really like the following brands for their eco-friendly soy candles: Soja & Co, Clark & James, Dans la prairie, Savons Hermosa et Atelier La Vie Apothicaire



50-Unique eco-lights by Piedebiche

Treat yourself or a loved one by offering a unique, eco-responsible and affordable light.

Price: 80$ to 220$


PROMOTION FROM 14 TO 30 NOVEMBER AT PIEDEBICHE: Free delivery by entering the code: ROSEBUDDHA


Please note that these companies were chosen for their local and eco-frendly values. They don't claim to be perfect in their journey towards a more conscious and greener world, but they are working very hard at it.

In addition, we have chosen not to include clothing gift ideas, as we will share our Top 40 Canadian Green Clothing Companies with you in a future article in January 2021!


Peace, Love & Joy

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