Wear Your Favorite Leggings to Any Occasion

Wear Your Favorite Leggings to Any Occasion

Everyone knows that yoga leggings are versatile and you can wear them almost anywhere. In fact, most women wear them when they’re out playing their kids or going to the supermarket. No less than Princess Kate herself has been spotted running around in yoga leggings with her son Prince George.

But aside from wearing them on casual days off, did you know you can actually wear the same yoga leggings to work or even to a night out with the girls? Yes, you can wear them as activewear, daytime wear, workwear and evening wear. How exactly do you style them for any occasion?

Versatility, thy name is yoga leggings

The reason is simple: yoga leggings, or yoga pants, can be worked into an existing wardrobe easily. If you want to maximize their use, all you need to do is look for base colors that can be paired with virtually anything, such as black, grey and navy. On the other hand, if you love wearing plain monochrome tops, then you can opt for for bolder patterns such as galaxy prints.

Because leggings form to your body shape, they are a great option when you have more bulky top layers - a flattering look on many body types.

Practicality, your name is yoga leggings, too

Today’s world requires you to move around a lot. Jeans, skirts and shorts can all be flattering, but are just not as comfortable compared to leggings. Yoga leggings fit to your exact body shape and are designed primarily for comfort. Leggings with high-quality material, in particular, allow you to bend and move without you having to worry about accidental rips and snags.

You know you’re wearing the right size when they fit snugly and don’t slip throughout the day. Activewear clothing is designed to be breathable, too, so don’t worry about sweat stains as more often than not, your leggings will have moisture-wicking technology.

Styling Yoga Leggings for Casual Daytime Wear

Leggings can easily transition to daytime wear if you pair them with the right outfit. Try a longline t-shirt and sneakers for a casual look in warm weather, or snuggle up with boots and a knit dress when it’s colder outside. Choose simple accessories, such as a scarf or choker, to add a dash of pizzazz to your look.

Styling Yoga Leggings for Business Casual Looks

Don’t be scared to wear yoga leggings to the office if you’re allowed to wear business casual. Wear a dress, layer it with a trench coat, and finish off the entire look with a belt. You can also go for the androgynous look by pairing the yoga leggings with a long collared shirt, a blazer, and a pair of flats. Just make sure to do the bend testat home to see if your top covers your booty. Otherwise, your co-workers will be in for a show.

Styling Yoga Leggings as Evening Wear

Who says you can’t wear your legging on an evening out with the girls? If you’re feeling confident, a silk camisole shift dress will look great paired with leggings, or try layering up with skirts and jackets.

Want to go for the biker chick or punk rock look? Slip on a crop top, leather jacket, and some boots. Feeling brave and sexy? You can also change it up by experimenting with 5-inch heels, too. If you want to keep your clothing simple, take your accessories up a notch. Sparkly necklaces, hair pieces and shoes can all look great with leggings.

With a few style tips and a bit of experimenting, you’ll be able to take your yoga leggings from morning through to night, and love every second wearing them. After all, yoga leggings look good on almost everyone!


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