Why Yogis Are Embracing Ethical Clothes

Ethically-Made Yoga Clothes

Sustainable living is more than just a hot topic among yoga practitioners. For many, it’s a way of living. Why? The reason is simple: the more you practice, the more you realize that we are connected in the great circle of life. Amit Ray, author of Yoga and Vipassana: An Integrated Lifestyle, says it best: “We all are so deeply interconnected; we have no option but to love all.” And what better way to show your love for the environment by using its resources responsibly through ethically-made yoga clothes?

But Really, Should Yogis Care About Sustainability?

Believe it or not, this is a question that many new practitioners ask themselves. While it’s easy to pick up responsibly-sourced beans for your early morning cup of coffee, thinking about things such as yoga pants can be harder. But more than just yoga clothes and food production, sustainability covers a wide range of issues.

You Are What You Wear

Let’s start with what you wear every day. Sustainable fashion demands sustainable practices be employed in all aspects of production. The product should be sourced, manufactured, distributed and marketed in a way that respects the environment.

Clothing should be made in factories that don’t enforce poor labor practices, such as employing children or paying below the minimum wage. A question to ask when shopping for yoga clothes is Does the company produce their products in the country they’re sold in?And if they are, that’s often a good sign.

We Love Sustainable Yoga Clothes!

It’s not difficult to start your sustainable fashion journey by buying yoga clothes manufactured in an ethical way. Fashion made from recycled materials may seem to be a novel idea, but in reality it’s an efficient and intelligent way to make clothing, and is more accessible than you may know. Rather than let products go to landfill, clothing can be created with new technology, and now the most sustainable products take waste, like plastics, and turn them into clothes. Would you believe us if we told you that your yoga leggings and pants can be made from almost 90% recycled plastic bottles? Absolutely 100% true! Don’t fret, though, because it won’t feel any different from your other yoga pants. Not only are the fabrics cut fashionably, but they are also ultra comfy.

Find Other Ways to Be Sustainable

As you get further deeper into your practice, consider making changes to other areas of your life. Learn about the ingredients that go into the food you buy, and educate yourself on their sources. Sustainable travel, otherwise called zero waste travel, is also an important part of living ethically. Choose to walk or cycle when possible, try electric vehicles, carpool with colleagues, don’t check your baggage on flights, and more. These acts will reduce harmful emissions.

You can also give to charity and do your bit to help those in the less fortunate areas of your country. You may also want to consider buying from companies who donate to charity for every purchase. Remember that acknowledging the interconnectedness of life comes the realization that the world as a whole must grow together, and not just some areas.

Ignoring sustainable living results in more waste being taken to landfills, more pollution, and even less respect for human rights. Yogis who want to deepen their interconnectedness to the world by practicing sustainable living should take all of these things into account.


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