Hygge: the Danish way of living

February 22 2018
Hygge, pronounced "Hue-Guh", is a Danish concept on the art of living. Although it cannot be translated into a single...

5 tips for becoming an eco-traveler (for real!)

February 20 2018
You buy organic and local? You have changed you habits to be more eco-responsible but find it hard to keep them up when traveling abroad?  Here is a blog that will help you be eco-friendly wherever you go.

Lithotherapy: minerals and their virtues

February 05 2018
Since the dawn of time, humans have been fascinated by the benefits of minerals.  Egyptians, Aztecs and Native Americans were seeing a protective virtue in each and every gemstone acting both in medical treatments and in the spiritual well-being of the body and mind.

The 6 Best Valentine's Day Gifts in the World!

January 29 2018


Fast Fashion: State Of Play

December 11 2017
Remember when department stores produced only two collections a year?  Spring/ Summer and Fall/Winter.  That was it a...

The Basics of Zero Waste

December 01 2017
The zero waste movement is making more and more waves and… followers!  This movement questions our consumption and li...

Malas signed by Rose Buddha

October 11 2017
This Fall, Rose Buddha co-founders Madeleine and Maxime offer you a brand new exclusive collection of Mala necklaces ...

Autumn Recipe

September 28 2017
For me, fall is the season for stews. I love to go to the market and take all the time in the world to select the fin...

Aromatherapy: healing with plants

August 25 2017
What is aromatherapy?  Aromatherapy is a part of physiotherapy (herbal Medicinee) and refers to the practice of using...

New collection for Simons signed Ola Volo

August 21 2017
Rose Buddha presents a brand new exclusive collection at Simons!  We are very pleased to announce our new collection,...

Wear Your Favorite Leggings to Any Occasion

June 06 2017
Everyone knows that yoga leggings are versatile and you can wear them almost anywhere. In fact, most women wear them ...


June 06 2017
Last winter, our small stepfamily left Montréal for six weeks.With Sunny, 7, Leonie, 4, and Adele, 1 year old, we hea...


June 01 2017
In the winter, we tend to be more sensitive to illnesses and viruses. Thankfully, there are certain yoga poses that c...

Why Yogis Are Embracing Ethical Clothes

March 14 2017
Sustainable living is more than just a hot topic among yoga practitioners. For many, it’s a way of living. Why? The r...