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Frequently Asked Questions about Accessories

So, all Rose Buddha jewelry is ethically made by Quebec artisans?

Yes. Our exquisite and eco-responsible jewelry is made right here in Quebec by local artists. Their talent and vision are what give our pieces their magical charm and sparkle.


Have you tried Rose Buddha’s Chakras Essential Oils Kit Balance?

This collection is made up of seven bottles of roll-on essential oils, handmade by the renowned aromatherapist Laurie Duguay. Laurie uses an ancient technique to specially formulate each oil to bring a stabilizing or stimulating effect to our seven chakras. Each bottle comes with a mantra to be repeated for complete relaxation.


What about Rose Buddha’s upcycled headbands, scrunchies, and bralettes?

Have you heard of upcycling? This ever popular process consists of transforming “waste” into something beautiful and useful. At Rose Buddha, we take scraps from our cutting room floor and use them to create headbands, scrunchies, bralettes, and pocket liners. Even our tiniest scraps are repurposed to package our clothing prior to shipping. We are proud to call ourselves a zero-waste company.