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Frequently Asked Questions about Bags

Rose Buddha Bags

Shop guilt free with our earth-friendly, ethically made tote bags and purses. In the spirit of zero waste, we create our bags using fabric scraps, classic organic cotton, or Piñatex , the cutting-edge eco-responsible pineapple “leather.” Wear your Rose Buddha with pride. #zerowaste


What’s this about your vegan St-Laurent Pinatex Tote Bag that’s made entirely of pineapple leather?

That’s right. In a revolutionary, avant-garde technique, our St-Laurent bag is created out of Piñatex, a 100% eco-friendly “leather” derived from pineapple leaf fibres. While other vegan “leather” requires hundreds of chemicals that will eventually end up in the environment, Piñatex is completely natural, using pineapple leaves otherwise destined to burn and wreak havoc on the ozone layer. And on top of being great for the planet, this bag will save your life with its ultra-practical, strategic pockets and roomy layout. It’s a must-have on beach trips, picnics, and shopping sprees.


How big is your Cargo Bag?

Made from our organic cotton scraps, our Cargo Bag is waterproof, versatile, and perfect for shopping. As far as size goes, it is 13 ½ x 17 x 15 inches.