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Frequently Asked Questions about Leggings

What's so great about Rose Buddha's reversible leggings?

Made from our Ecolight fabric, our reversible leggings allow for unrivaled freedom of movement and a lightness that feels like a second skin (without being see-through). Made with love in Quebec, these leggings beautifully hug your contours, on top of being eco-responsible and exquisitely soft. Plus with their reversible patterns, you get two looks in one!


Do you use an anti-bacterial treatment for your leggings?

Yes. Our Ecolight leggings are treated with chitosante. Designed to make fabrics more absorbent and breathable, this eco-friendly treatment is made from crab and shellfish shells. It offers antibacterial and quick-dry properties, perfect for active women on the go. 


Tell me about Rose Buddha's running leggings.

These leggings are perfect for intense physical activity or any sport or movement that requires extra support. Our compressive Ecofit fabric guarantees impeccable resilience during running, Crossfit, or advanced moutain hikes. And it all comes with SPF 50 protection. For everyday wear or more moderate workouts, go for a size up.