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Frequently Asked Questions about Books

10 Minutes to Happiness by Rose Buddha Co-founder Madeleine Arcand... Now available on paper!

The paper version is here, complete with several pages of unpublished content! There's something here for everyone, whether or not you took the course. Because happiness isn’t 10 minutes away— it’s right here. You just need to get in the habit of practising the simple tools life has to offer.


Rose Buddha has a children’s book now?

Yes, and it’s called Oscar apprend à méditer [Oscar learns to meditate]. This sweet and gentle book tells the story of Oscar’s meditation journey. Through fun and playful exercises, children will discover the benefits of meditation as they follow the adventures of Oscar and his friends Léonie, Adèle and Sunny (named after Madeleine’s kids).


Why do I need the book, À go, on ralentit [On your marks, relax]?

This is the perfect book for your bedside table. Covering all aspects of life, it’s full of easy, everyday tips on how to slow down and enjoy each moment to the fullest.