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Frequently Asked Questions about Yoga Wear

What makes Rose Buddha leggings a good choice for yoga?
Made to feel like a second skin, our reversible, quick-dry leggings are extra stretchy and breathable. They allow for full freedom of movement while staying in place thanks their brilliant back elastic system—this holds everything together from behind without restricting the belly. Breathe deep as you bend and stretch in comfort and style.

How do I use Rose Buddha's semi-precious Mala Meditation bracelets?
Handmade by Quebec artists, these precious beads are perfect for repeating positive affirmations or following your breath during meditation. By giving your mind a focal point, they help you recenter, connect with the present moment, and escape from the whirlwind of your thoughts.

How do you make leggings out of recycled plastic bottles?
To create our Rose Buddha Buddha leggings, we shred plastic bottles into tiny shavings. These are then heated at extremely high temperatures before turning into fibers, a bit like sugar crystals when they transform into cotton candy. Next, these fibers are spun into a very thin thread before being mixed with Spandex to make our light, soft, stretchy, ultra-breathable fabrics.