Rose Buddha X Floressentia : Lava Stone Mala Bracelets

Rose Buddha X Floressentia :  Lava Stone Mala Bracelets

Rose Buddha’s lava stone mala bracelets are made of volcanic rocks, derived from a volcano’s eruption, or its magna. Also called basalts, these popular lithotherapy stones conserve and emanate heat. They are believed to promote motivation and the rebuilding of the self. To reap additional benefits, each bracelet is accompanied with a mix of essential oils from PURIFI de Floressentia.


PURIFI de Floressentia is a 100% organic, almost entirely Quebecois essential oils formula. Its energetic aromatherapy effects act on the psychic sphere by creating emotional balance. Fresh, woody and lightly camphoric, these oils may also be used as a diffusion to cleanse the air, to counteract a recent virus, or to purify unpleasant odours. 

Key essential oilsBalsam fir, lemon, lavender


How do I use my essential oils with the Lava Stone Mala Bracelet?

To combine PURIFI’s benefits with your lava stones, simply apply 1-2 drops of your mixture onto your bracelet. For optimal immersion, repeat this procedure every week. Adjust your use to determine your ultimate satisfaction. 

(Each 15 mL flask contains approximately 350 drops.)

Spotlight on Floressentia Natural Cosmetics

Laurie Duguay is a Quebecois aromatherapist. A former public servant for the federal government, Laurie quickly developed a love for plants and decided to devote her career to this passion. 

Laurie told us the story behind her journey in an interview: 

About 15 years ago, I suffered from a chronic rash. Conventional medicine was not able to help me. I had to turn to alternative medicine, and this was how I was able to heal myself. From here, I discovered my passion for plants! –Laurie Duguay

Now a proven expert in the field, Laurie is the founder of Floressentia, a natural cosmetics company that offers synergic products created from wild or organic essential oils.



A fervent participant in the Slow Cosmetics Movement, Laurie singlehandedly creates her own therapeutic formulas, each one derived with mindfulness and love. In her Montréal workshop, she combines her knowledge of plants with nature’s purest elements to devise her original, customized formulas. 

Laurie strives to remain local and therefore uses a Quebec distiller and Quebecois suppliers. She remains committed to providing high-quality, safe and effective products, with each one adhering to strict selection criteria.

  • Over 95% wild or organic formulas
  • Unrefined oils
  • Made in Quebec
  • Paraben Free
  • No artificial fragrances
  • Cruelty free

We believe in eco-responsible production and stand behind the work and values Laurie embodies through her company. We are touched by her commitment to organic, local, and artisanal quality products. As such, we are proud to be able to collaborate with this true expert in aromatherapy.

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