Chakras Essential Oils Kit Balance


Let the Universe balance your chakras with our BALANCE collection

To do so, fill your bag with your 7 essential oils, each one handmade according to ancestral methods. In the early morning and before bed, reach for an oil at random with the belief that you will be guided to exactly what you need right now. Apply the oil and let it work its magic...

Our BALANCE collection is made up of 7 bottles of roll-on essential oils (10 ml), designed to balance each of your chakras.

Derived from organic and natural elements, these precious oils were hand created by Laurie Duguay. Aromatherapist and founder of Floressentia, Laurie uses ancient techniques to specially formulate each oil to bring a stabilizing effect to all 7 chakras.

Laurie has spent several months developing this magical collection. Her products combine the wisdom of Ayurveda – India’s traditional medicine system – with her expertise in energetic aromatherapy.

The word CHAKRA means “wheel of energy.” The 7 different chakras of the body therefore describe “centres of light and energy.”

 The Chakras

  • Root Chakra / Muladhara: Cinnamon and benzoin (Sweet, slightly fruity and spicy)
  • Sacre Chakra / Svadhistana: Ylang ylang and Red Mandarin (floral, fragrant and mellow)
  • Solar Plexus Chakra / Manipura: Lemon and Basil (lemon fresh and grassy)
  • Heart Chakra / Anahata: Damask Rose and Palmarosa (floral with hints of balsamic )
  • Throat Chakra / Visuddha: Noble Laurel and Eucalyptus (fresh and woodsy with notes of camphor)
  • Third Eye Chakra / Ajna: Patchouli and Lavender (eastern, lemony aromas)C
  • Crown Chakra  / Sahasrara: Incense and Damask Rose (floral and mellow with a touch of woodsy sweetness) 

We have 3 different size chart; Leggings, Week-End Pants and Tops.

*For the leggings size chart, If you're between two sizes, choose the smallest. 

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