Love Mala

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The Love Mala will help you reinforce your self-confidence, increase your wisdom and bring LOVE to your life. Because, you are love.

Our malas are suitable for every situation:  for meditation, as a reminder of your intentions or simply to experience the energy of the stones.

Hand made in Canada with 108 gemstones by a woman artisan, each and every one of them where made with this intention: May the person wearing this mala be guided - in toughts, in words and in action - by love.


This LOVE & LIGHT jewelry will be your companion. Love and light with you, always.

Gemstones properties
  • Black Agate:   reinforces self-confidence, perseverance and courage.
  • Tridacna: eliminates discontent and increase wisdom.
  • Jasper: helps following through with projects and aspirations, and protects against negative energies.