Moon Meditation Malas

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Color: Black


This New Moon Mala necklace (Black) and the Full Moon Mala necklace (White), will help you boost your self-confidence, gain wisdom and bring LOVE & LIGHT into your life. Because, at your core, you are love and light.

Our Malas are perfect for any occasion. You can use them during meditation, or simply wear them to remind you of your intention, or to enjoy the energy of the gemstones.

Handmade in Canada by women artisans, each mala was created with the intention that whoever wears it shall be guided by love, be that through thoughts, words or actions.

May love & light be with you, always.

New Moon Mala (Black) Gemstone Properties:

  • Onyx: It anchors inconstant people into a more stable lifestyle and helps with self-control.

  • Jaspe: Facilitates the realization of projects and protects against negative energies.


Full Moon Mala (White) Gemstones properties:

  • Rose quartz: brings softness, tenderness and love
  • Tridacne: eliminates discoutent and increases wisdom

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