What size should I order?

Rose Buddha leggings are super soft and stretchy. Refer to our size chart to determine the right size for you. If you are between two sizes, opt for the smaller size.


Do you carry plus sizes?

We currently carry seven different sizes, ranging from 2 to 14 (XS to XXXL), with our size 14 typically fitting a regular size 16. Because we are a very small business, it already entails an intricate puzzle and considerable feat for us to offer seven different sizes in so many models. That said, our goal is and always has been to offer even more sizes within the next few years. It is important to us that women of all sizes have the opportunity to wear Rose Buddha products, and we do not take this issue lightly.


Are the legwarmers in your duos sold separately?

Our legwarmers are only sold as part of a duo that comes with a pair of our extra comfy, ultra-soft, original leggings. You’ll feel like you’re wearing your favourite pyjamas, and never want to take these leggings off.


Is your clothing eco-responsible?

All Rose Buddha products are created with the aim to reduce environmental impact to a minimum. Almost all our products are made right here in Quebec by local artisans.

Our reversible leggings are composed of 80% recycled plastic bottles and their printing methods are eco-responsible. Rose Buddha leggings exist at the cutting edge of eco-responsible fashion (link to materials and certification pages). From our tank tops to our jewelry, the environment remains our utmost priority.


I wanna exchange or return

Items purchased on sale are non-refundable but can be exchanged. If the item is not available in stock for an exchange, we can give you a gift card for the same amount.

Click here to get all the infos on exchanges or returns


My Rose Buddha leggings are too short.

Rose Buddha leggings are designed for women between 1.55 and 1.80 m (5’1’’ to 5’11’’). Women who fall at either end of this scale might find their leggings to be a little too long or too short. Luckily, our leggings are very stretchy. Pull them down to the right length or else roll them up slightly for a ⅞ look.


My leggings seem see-through

If you are used to thicker leggings or other materials, you will find that our leggings are quite different. Made from recycled plastic bottles, the recycled polyester we have chosen is thinner, silkier, shinier and hyper-breathable. We wanted to create something ultra-comfortable, that fits like a second skin. We chose to print them on both sides and make them reversible to minimise any see-through effect. Nobody wants to walk around with their underwear showing! ;)  You won’t have any problem with our darker colours. We recommend wearing our lighter colours with seam-free, flesh-coloured underwear.



What’s the best way to take care of my clothing?


Wash in cold water by hand or on a delicate cycle. Hang to dry. Rose Buddha leggings dry fast!


Tank Tops

Wash in cold water by hand or on a delicate cycle. Hang to dry. Rose Buddha tank tops dry fast!



To maintain the shape and size of your Free Spirit hoodie, do not wash it in hot water cycles and avoid the dryer. Use a delicate, cold water cycle and hang your sweater to dry.


Are leggings made out of recycled plastic bottles safe for the environment and our health?

Yes, our materials are eco-friendly and completely safe. A plastic bottle possesses the same chemical composition as polyester. We use recycled polyester, which is the least polluting textile available for leggings. In clothing manufacturing, recycled polyester is a pro-environmental choice. Virgin polyester is derived from petroleum, a highly polluting resource that requires a great deal of energy for its production. Recycled polyester is composed of recycled plastic bottles. We recycle garbage that would otherwise end up in the landfill. In doing so, we reduce toxic emissions generated by incinerators and thereby improve air quality. True to our values, Rose Buddha uses recycled polyester throughout the majority of our leggings’ production process. Ten recycled plastic bottles go into every pair.


What does OEKO-TEX® mean?

The STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® is a worldwide certification system that guarantees that textiles were manufactured within a closed circuit, with no impact on the environment. This certification requires that companies meet a number of criteria, particularly with regards to the use of chemical products and the release of waste into the environment.

Rose Buddha is proud to say that almost all our fabrics have been certified by the STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®.





How long does it take to process my order?

Our regular shipping time is 7  business days.


Can I track my order?

Of course! Once your order is shipped, you will receive a confirmation email with the tracking number that will let you follow your order’s delivery status.


Can I change my order?

Unfortunately, we cannot make modifications to your order. To cancel your order, please write to us at service@myrosebuddha.com.


I didn’t receive my order confirmation email. What should I do?

You should receive a confirmation email after your order is placed. If you did not receive it,


  1. Check your spam folders.


  1. Check that the email address you provided with your order is correct.


  1. If the email you provided us is not correct, please write to service@myrosebuddha.com and we will resend your order confirmation to the correct address.


  1. If the email you provided us with is correct and you have checked your spam folders, please write to us at service@myrosebuddha.com, and we will resend the confirmation.


How much does shipping cost?

Shipping costs are $9, and free for all orders of $150 and up before taxes! Good incentive to stock up, or combine your order with your friends!

How long does it take to process my order?

Our regular shipping time is 7 business days. High season, sales, and special events such as when we were featured on the show, The Dragon’s Den may extend your order’s shipping time to 10 to 12 business days.


How can I track my order once it is shipped?

My order status says “delivered, but I haven’t received my order. What should I do?

If your order status is marked as “delivered,” but you haven’t received it yet, follow the steps below:

Ensure you provided us with the correct shipping address.

Ensure that your neighbours did not receive the package by mistake.

Contact Canada Post.

If you’ve completed the above steps and still haven’t found your package, please write to us service@myrosebuddha.com.




Can I sell your products in my yoga store or studio!

Absolutely! Contact our sales representative at retail@myrosebuddha.com.



How is Rose Buddha making a difference?

We’ve made the choice to do things differently. We do things the eco-responsible way. We do our work right here in Quebec. We do it in a way that respects all people, because this is the only way we know. We are Rose Buddha.


Did you know that every year in North America, 37 kg (81 lbs) of textiles per person end up in the landfill? For this reason, Rose Buddha has chosen to create long-lasting products that cater to style and not simply fads. One example is our printed leggings. Our visual artists helped us devise a unique and timeless vision that will never go out of style.


We assemble each piece with great care, thoroughly inspecting every stitch and lovingly choosing the fabrics to ensure your Rose Buddha products enjoy a long life. Working closely with the production team allows us to oversee and guarantee quality in every step. Our products are made to last and see you through season after season.

Canada Trees

We are proud to say that each Rose Buddha sale helps us plant a new tree. In this way, we are reducing the carbon footprint of the fashion industry, one of the most polluting industries in the world.

Carbon emissions present a major threat to the earth’s climate. Trees provide a natural and consequential way to eliminate pollution caused by carbon in our air, and to sequester carbon back into the soil and fight against climate change.

With TREES CANADA, we can take concrete and significant action to combat climate change by offsetting carbon emissions though the planting of native trees throughout Canada.

When you choose Rose Buddha, you’re making an eco-responsible statement that also helps us plant more trees. We think it’s a great deal, and hope you’ll agree!


How can we get in touch with you?

For all questions related to customer service, your order and our products, write to us at service@myrosebuddha.com

You can also follow us on Instagram and Facebook.


How do I subscribe to your newsletter?

Visit our site from a computer or tablet (it doesn’t work as well on a cellphone), and scroll down to the bottom of the screen. Here you will find a form where you can easily subscribe to our newsletter.