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Timeless essentials crafted with care from the finest natural and recycled fibres.
Hand Made in Canada

We love and respect all people. We stand behind the principle that we are all interconnected, and that behind every product, there’s a person. We love to know every person involved in each link of our production chain. We treat them as we would wish to be treated ourselves. We wouldn’t be able to sleep at night if we knew our hand-made products were created at the expense of victimized people. We also have a commitment to purchase core products from independent local suppliers.

For each sale, we plant trees

Did you know that every year in North America, 81 poundsof textiles per person end up in the landfill?

For this reason, we have chosen to create long-lasting products that will never go out of style. To reduce our environmental print, we plant trees all around Canada with every purchase, thanks to our amazing collaboration with Trees Canada. You choose Rose Buddha, we plant treesfor you.

We use recycled and natural fibers

Second only to oil, the textile industry is the worst culprit in global pollution. Clothing is filled with harmful chemical products that are detrimental to both our health and our environment. Our precious earth has zero need for any more pollutants. Our leggings are made up of 80% recycled plastic bottles and dyed using the solvent-free, non-toxic, sublimation printing process. Our line of basics is created with highly eco-friendly natural fibers, such as organic cotton and Tencel.

We use recycled bottles

Our team works directly with manufacturers, garment makers, printers and knitters to create a product that will not harm our environment. Damage control translates into minimal water, pesticides and chemicals in our dyes. Eco also means zero waste. This is why at Rose Buddha, our Second Chance Jewel Collection revitalizes “unusable” scraps to give fabrics a second chance at life. Let’s transform our garbage into joy.


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