Who is Rose Buddha?

Who is Rose Buddha?

Rose Buddha is the brainchild of the two friends Madeleine and Maxime, both of them mothers, yoginis, lovers of the earth, and of people. 

It was born out of the desire to do things differently and provide an eco-responsible and ethical alternative to fast-fashion, a detrimental trend for our planet and its future generations. 

To this end, every pair of Rose Buddha leggings is made from 10 recycled plastic bottles and sewn by hand right next door in Canada.  

Created For Earth Lovers 

Maxime Morin & Madeleine Arcand, Rose Buddha's co-founders

We are eco-friendly

All Rose Buddha products are made here in Quebec, maintaining the utmost respect for both people and nature. 

Rose Buddha leggings are our flagship product, made up of 80% recycled plastic bottles and dyed using the solvent-free, non-toxic, sublimation printing process. 

Our tank tops are derived from modal, a type of wood pulp. This textile meets OEKO-TEX’s highest certification standards which guarantee adherence to today’s most rigorous eco-friendly production procedures.

Our jewelry is created by local artisans out of materials such as leftover fabric scraps and semi-precious gemstones.


We are made right here

Maxime and Madeleine strongly believe in reducing their carbon footprint as much as is humanly possible.

To do so, they’ve worked relentlessly to ensure that Rose Buddha production remains local. Rose Buddha’s team consists of local artisans, who, over time, have become precious friends.

We are proud to say that, from the very beginning, all of our products have been created and assembled in Canada, and that this is the way things will stay. 

 Watch us at the franco version of Dragons Den :-) 

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