About us

Rose Buddha is a company dedicated to producing yoga and casual wear through ethical and eco-friendly means. Its founders are Maxime Morin, Madeleine Arcand and Benoit Boisclair, and they are yogis, parents and entrepreneurs.

All products are made in Québec, maintaining the utmost respect for both people and nature. Beautiful, well-made and long-lasting products.

Each piece has been skillfully designed, according to its purpose. Featuring prints by Montreal artist Émilie Beaudoin, leggings are made from recycled plastic bottles while tank tops are made from an extremely comfortable, eco-responsible fabric. 

The jewelry is handmade in Canada from materials such as semi-precious gemstones and leftover fabric scraps.

Maxime, Madeleine and Benoit strongly believe in reducing their carbon footprint. To do so, they’ve team up with local artisans, working hard to keep Rose Buddha’s production within Montreal. They are proud to say that all clothing has been designed and assembled in Canada since 2016. 

Above all, Rose Buddha is a lifestyle brand founded on respect for others, respect for the environment, and the pleasure of full and simple living. 

It is friendship, it is family. It is doing all we can to slow down and take the time TO SIMPLY BE.  

Rose Buddha is a bit of us and a lot of you!