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Frequently Asked Questions about Pants

What is the difference between Rose Buddha's Escape Pants and the Week-End Pants?
Extra soft and breathable, our Escape Pants are made of thermoregulating fabric. Though just as soft, our Week-End Pants are thicker and warmer, featuring recycled polyester—each pair saves 12 plastic bottles from the landfill! Both models have a place in your wardrobe and will come in handy depending on the season and your favourite activity.

What can I wear with my Escape and Week-End Pants?
To go with their semi-fitted style, we recommend a shorter top like the Wild Heart t-shirt or sweater. For a more sporty look, go for our Thalassa and Seashell tanks. These pants are also great with something longer like our beloved Flashdance sweater or the Favourite.

Did I hear that Rose Buddha now carries men's clothing?
That's right—Rose Buddha has just launched our Appalaches Pants for men. Made from Tencel, they are ultra soft, breathable, and of course, eco-friendly. Because the men in your life deserve comfy clothing that's great for the planet.